Vehicle Interior Restoration

You maintain your vehicle to ensure it both looks great and runs properly.

We believe maintaining the interior of your car or truck’s appearance is just as important. Restoration of the interior creates a great impression and will dramatically enhance resale value and overall appeal.

Repair or Replace?

Our customers frequently ask is it better to restore or replace damaged vehicle seats and interior finishes.

Bill and Deb Linane Owners of WJL Restoration Services

Did you know your car or truck or fleet vehicle’s leather, vinyl, or plastic interior can be repaired and restored in almost all instances? Unsightly torn upholstery or cracked leather or vinyl interior finishes are repairable, and restoration can bring back the like-new appeal. We have the right training and products to do the job.

While we cannot restore worn or faded fabric upholstery to a “new” condition, we can repair torn seams or seats in most cases. For instance, leather seat restoration can often bring back a clean and like-new overall appearance.

The resale value of your car or truck is important. If you plan to trade-in or sell your vehicle, consider repairing the upholstery of the vehicle. As a result of the repair, the benefit of doing so will increase the resale value.

At, we are committed to you, our customer. We understand the value of your car, truck, or fleet vehicles and we work hard to restore and repair the interior. Save money, time, and resources. WJL will show you how to increase the value and appeal of your vehicle’s leather, vinyl, upholstery, and plastic interior., we provide expert repair of leather and vinyl furniture, vehicle interiors, motorcycle seats, restaurant, and office furniture. We repair and restore medical furniture and marine and RV interiors.

Our pricing is highly competitive and of tremendous value to you, our customer. Rather than replace, why not restore and repair!

We offer “Mobile” services and will bring our team to you.

Thank you for visiting us and please consider WJL for your next repair or restoration project!

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