Photo Gallery of our Repair and Restoration Work

We are proud of our work and stand by the quality of the repair and restoration services we provide. ​ Give WJL Restoration Services a call today to repair your leather, vinyl, fabric upholstery, furniture, and vehicles.

Below are examples of the leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric, and upholstery repair and restoration projects completed by the WJL Restoration Services team. Please contact us to discuss your repair needs.

At WJL Restoration Services we stand by our work. We work hard to provide the best service at the best cost. Our Leather, Vinyl, Fabric, and Plastic Repair and Restoration services bring value to you. We enjoy passing on our knowledge to you. Our Blog Series is a great way to learn more about the value of repair and restoration. 

Restore your leather, vinyl, plastic, and fabric furniture Instead of replacing or throwing away. Call WJL Restoration Services today to restore the original beauty of your damaged furniture! Unsightly vehicle interior? We can restore that too.

We provide mobile services and will come to you.